What is FruitiVits?

FruitiVits is a low carbohydrate, orange flavored powdered blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements specifically designed for the ketogenic diet and other restrictive therapeutic diets.

Who is FruitiVits for?

FruitiVits meets the vitamin and mineral daily requirements for children, from 4 years of age.

Why has FruitiVits been prescribed?

Since the ketogenic diet is so restrictive, supplementation is essential. FruitiVits has been recommended to meet your child’s daily vitamin and mineral needs.

It is important that the ketogenic diet is followed correctly and under the guidance of a ketogenic team to ensure optimal nutrition.

How much FruitiVits will be required?

A single 6g packet meets all the vitamin and mineral requirements for ages 4 to 10 on a restrictive diet. Your ketogenic team will recommend how much FruitiVits should be taken each day.

How do you prepare FruitiVits?

FruitiVits is easy to use! Simply…

  1. Pour a minimum of 60mls water or permitted fluid into a cup with lid
  2. Open the packet of FruitiVits, add to the cup and seal. Shake the beaker for 10 seconds
  3. Consume immediately


Fruitivits prep guidelines


Product Number Description Packaging Reimbursement Code HCPCS Code
51325 FruitiVits 30 x 6g packets 50600-0513-25 B4104


WIC-Eligible Medical Food