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What is carbzero™?

carbzero is a good tasting fat blend that can be consumed directly from the carton or used as an ingredient to make a wide variety of delicious meals, snacks and drinks.  Each 250ml carton contains 50g of fat.

Who is carbzero for?

carbzero is for children, from 3 years of age, and adults that have been initiated on a ketogenic diet.

Why has carbzero been prescribed?

carbzero has been prescribed to help you or your child follow the ketogenic diet. It is important that the ketogenic diet is followed correctly and under the guidance of a ketogenic team to ensure optimal nutrition.

How much carbzero will be required?

The ketogenic diet is individual to everyone. Your ketogenic team will advise you on how much and how frequently carbzero should be consumed within a day, to suit your prescription.

The amount of carbzero required will depend on a number of factors;

  • Type of diet you have been prescribed
  • Age
  • Weight and
  • Activity levels

Over time the diet may need to be tweaked to suit any changes to the above. Your ketogenic team will work closely with you if any changes to the diet are needed.

How to use

carbzero is easy to use! Simply…

  1. Peel back the foil seal
  2. Pour out the required amount and consume
  3. If a full carton is not used, then reseal and store in the fridge for up to 2 days.

Alternatively you can use carbzero in recipes for meals, snacks and drinks. Click on recipe options below & or click here for handy hints.

What to do next?

Click on the recipe option below this section to try the recipes, or click the video tab and view how simple carbzero is to incorporate into simple dishes or to try something a little more creative.

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